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Dan Cvrcek

  • Born: yes, in the Czech Republic
  • Position: Security Architect, Director, Associate Professor
  • E-mail: dan at smartarchitects . co . uk
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 851 159 (work)

  • Curriculum Vitae in a PDF file (last update in July 2009).

    Founded a consultancy and R&D company Smart Architects in August 2010. The company hopes to announce the first product in February or March 2011.

    I spent nine months developing complete software architecture for wireless sensing platform using GSM network. The main feature of our sensors was long up time on a single AA battery and ver low stand-by current (in the region of 200-300nA - one actually needs a very good energy meter to measure this current).

    I signed up with Deloitte in April 2008, after work in the WINES II project came to its end. So far, I've been mostly working on security projects in large banks.

    I joined Security Group at the Computer Laboratory in January 2007. I worked with Frank Stajano on security issues relevant for wireless sensor networks when used for infrastructure monitoring. This is part of WINES II project sponsored by EPSRC.

    I spent two years (2005-2006) at my "home" university - Brno University of Technology, where I became an associate professor.

    I was working on a project called SECURE, which was an EU funded project researching possible use of trust-based (reputation) access control for mobile and disconnected clients, from August 2003 till December 2004.

    1992 - 1997Brno University of Technology, title M.Sc.
    Master thesis: The Public Key Payment Protocol of Electronic Purse (Petr Hanacek)
    1997 - 2001Brno University of Technology, title PhD.
    dissertation thesis: Authorization Model for Strongly Distributed Information Systems (Tomas Hruska)
    2007Brno University of Technology, associate professor (passed habilitation)
    habilitation thesis: The Role of Contextual Information in Security and Privacy
    Professional Experience
    2010 - nowSmart Architects - a founder of this consultancy and development company based in Cambridge UK. The company focus on consulting in the area of IT security and cryptography. Product design and development is driven by usability of security and cryptography.
    2009 - 2010Apoideas UK - responsible for design and development of a complete software solution in a start-up company. The software included code for sensing and communication platform using a 16-bits' microcontroller as well as a robust back-end system for handling and processing of data.
    2008 - 2009Deloitte UK, Security, Privacy and Resiliency team - Senior consultant, mainly subject matter expert in cryptography related projects for major UK banks: cryptographic standards, attestations / validations (VISA, Bacstel), cryptographic systems architectures (Faster Payments, PIN processing systems, SWIFT, CHAPS, PKI based systems), deployment of public key infrastructures.
    2007 - 2008University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory - Post doctoral researcher working with Dr Frank Stajano on the project WINES (Wired and Wireless Intelligent Networked Systems) Infrastructure, responsible for the security analysis of hardware and software platforms for sensor networks. The analysis covered cryptographic mechanisms, routing algorithms, reverse engineering and code quality assesment, and practical issues related to deployment of the networks in London Underground, and at Humber Bridge.
    2003 - 2004University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory - Post-doctoral research position with Dr Ken Moody and Prof. Jean Bacon in the Opera Group (distributed systems). Reseach into reputation and trust-based systems within EU funded project SECURE (Secure Environments for Collaboration among Ubiquitous and Roaming Entities). The work focused mainly on dynamics of trust and sensitivity of contextual data.
    1998 - 2000AEC, Ltd. Brno, development of C-PKI (proprietary certification authority)
    1997 - 2000BUT in Brno, course Algorithms and Data Structures
    2001Military Academy in Brno, course Data Security
    2001 - 2003BUT in Brno, courses Information systems, Programming languages, Algoritms and data structures.
    2005 - 2006BUT in Brno, courses Cryptography and information security, Security of information systems.
    2005co-founder of security laboratory BUSLab, (see also our news service)

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